Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ever Lost a Quilt?

This Lost Quilt is a pattern called Magic Tiles
Ever lost a quilt and didn't know what to do? One of the coaches at the local pool, Jill Black, heard about how I'm interested in quilts, and she asked if there was something she could do to find a lost quilt. "Magic Tiles" was made for Jill by her mother, Shirley Ann Black, at class given by Dianne Stevenson, in January, 1998. Jill thinks there is an inscribed tag on the back. In June, 2004 she may have accidentally given the heirloom quilt to Goodwill / St. Vinnies in Portland when she and her family were moving to a new home. The quilt is a 3' x 4' mosaic of purples, browns, and blues.

I had the perfect place for Jill to post information about her lost quilt. It's a web site called Lost Quilt Come Home (http://lostquilt.com) - a web site devoted to finding lost quilts. The web site publishes pictures and information about lost quilts, and helps owners retrieve family heirlooms.

Kathleen Bissett (http://www.kathleenbissett.com/Magic.html) - is the designer of the pattern, which is available for purchase, and Dianne Stevenson teaches it in a class. I told Jill if she was inclined to try a little sewing, it could be replicated. 

Remaking a lost quilt is sometimes how people will ceremoniously claim back a lost family quilt. The photo is great because it shows the fabrics and arrangement. If she remade the quilt, the two quilts could some day find each other. "It's been known to happen." I said. Someone comes along and says, "I've seen a quilt like that!" Even though it's not the same as the original, the quilt gods have been known to bring good karma to those who pay tribute to a lost quilt in this way.


  1. I hope she gets her quilt back...labels can be a life/quilt saver. I made a quilt for my niece and put a label with her last name and town on it. After it was left in a McDonald's and mailed to them my brother-in-law added a line onto the label "if lost please return. Will pay postage." That quilt has now been returned three time! We call it the "boomerang quilt."

  2. A Boomerang Quilt! Now I've officially heard everything.

    Have to say, it would never occur to me to bring a quilt in to McDonalds. Not in a million years.

  3. I lost a quilt years ago. One day I was walking through our local antique market and saw it under a stack of others. The price tag was outrageous !! But, I had to pay it to get my quilt back home. It's been quite used and loved.
    I have it put away now for repairs.