Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blurb P.O.D. Book Project

Two Goblet quilts raise questions about the WCTU
Over the last several years, I've experimented with print-on-demand (P.O.D.) books using iPhoto and Blurb. I have given books as Christmas presents, birthday gifts, and on Mother's Day. Subjects have included the Oregon Coast, remodel pictures, and favorite recipes, but I've never done a full sized book with quilts. One year, I made tiny booklets with quilts in iPhoto, but the books were nothing to crow about. They're sitting in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

Now more familiar with methods of customizing layout in Blurb, I felt ready to do a book about quilts for friends and family, and maybe offer it to others who like quilt books. My layout skills are very basic, and I'm still a little rusty, but the fonts and photos are looking good. That's a plus. 

Wonky New York Beauty challenges traditional standards
The book is my quilt melting pot, a celebration of 20 years of collecting, and a place to share quilt stories and talk history. It is for all readers, and offers a chronological journey, a slice of quilt history seen through quilts and our reactions to them. I've seen a first draft in print after ordering a copy last week. It included just ten quilts, and I decided to add another ten quilts when I saw how nice, and how thin, the book was. "More substance, 20 quilts for 20 years," I thought.

Restoration removal brings a Hexagon Honeycombs quilt back to life
It may take another draft or two, but I think I can nail it down in time for the holidays. The first edition of this book will be a limited edition of 25, signed and numbered. Several will go to friends and family as holiday gifts, and one will go to the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center Library. After the holidays, if there are any remaining copies of the first edition, I will offer them to the general public, possibly through eBay. 

There will also be an unlimited run second edition, available at future exhibits and events, and online through Blurb. The project is probably going to be just a break-even, but any proceeds generated by book sales will go to the Oregon Quilt Project.


  1. Nice idea. I will this with interest.

  2. Are you having a hard time choosing just 20 quilts? It looks like a fun project.

  3. I would love a copy. These quilts are so inspireing - keep us posted.

  4. Always hard to choose. LOL! I'll make sure to keep posting with details on the book and how to get it. There will be other books, too - Doll Quilts, NY Beauties, Tillamook Quilt Trail, and Latimer collection highlights. :)

  5. I think these books will be very popular! I am looking forward to them, and my quilty buddies in Seattle will want them too.

  6. Sounds very interesting!! You have such marvelous quilts in your collection. 20 quilts is much better than 10. You can never have too many in my opinion :0)