Friday, June 1, 2018

vintage Hawaiian crazy patch bedspread

this crazy patch bedspread is approximately 88" x 93"

A fabulous vintage Hawaiian crazy patch bedspread just arrived from an eBay seller in Washington. It looks like something that could've migrated here from Hawaii because it has several of the attributes seen in other Hawaiian scrap quilts, such as foundation piecing on cloth, Hawaiian garment fabrics and an applied edge finish.

The patches are loosely feather stitched to cloth foundation, and a few pieces are coming loose. It shouldn't be too difficult to repair.

The fabrics include printed words and word fragments in several places. Wouldn't it be neat to find a large piece of it to see what it says?

Even though I think it's from Hawaii, I will probably say "found in Washington" and use the piece to discuss methods of construction seen in scrap quilts from Hawaii. The feather stitch seems a little unusual based on the objects I have collected, but I have seen it in more than one other quilt.

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  1. Neat quilt! Do you think the feather stitching is done by hand, or machine?
    louise (dot) hornor (at) gmail