Sunday, June 10, 2018

Bicentennial Eagle Rugs

In 1976, we made Bicentennial arts and crafts projects in school and at home. People were trying all things creative, especially if there seemed to be a connection to Colonial times. Everything was red, white and blue. One of my home projects was a latch hook rug, made from a kit. It sparked my interest in collecting Bicentennial rugs.

A lot of the latch hook rug kits in the 1970s and later were patriotic American eagles. On one hand, I was surprised by how many I found. On the other hand, I wasn't surprised at all.

A friend sent me an instant message one day about a wonderful Bicentennial hooked rug (pictured at top) from a seller in Woodstock, New York. At first, I thought I would pass because I was trying to keep an eye on my budget. When I saw it, I couldn't resist. The rug is a cut above the rest. It is hooked with a loop pile rather than tufted, so it has a whole different look. I love these hooked rugs. They pair well with the Bicentennial quilts I am collecting.

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  1. Yesterday I wrote of the rug my mom hooked for her first grandchild..... and it is an EAGLE.....