Tuesday, May 9, 2017

the dollhouse

I found this dollhouse at Goodwill for less than the price of dinner for two at Taco Bell. Picked it up because I thought I would resell it at the antique shop, but I wanted to put a little effort into it, too. After asking friends on Facebook about what colors I should use, I went with the goth color scheme suggested by Raven Lockett, who posted a photo of a fabulous, gothic painted lady.

Of course, I fell in love with the idea of a sad little goth girl falling in love with a goth painted lady dollhouse, so I bought some paint, and I'm working on it. The purple will take several coats. That's OK, it's fun painting the dollhouse.

I took some pictures of the interior while I was at it. That part I'm going to leave alone. Someone else can have fun with it.


  1. There is something so magical about peering into a doll house. I love your new color scheme. The house deserves it.

  2. It's wonderful! The interior pictures make me feel like I'm walking through an old farm house. I'm ready to move in!

  3. Great colors!!! It's going to be beautiful!!!!