Saturday, October 1, 2011

Two Fabulous 70s Quilts

Cathedral Windows with a jaw-dropping 1368 windows
In the midst of all these quilts I've been finding on eBay lately, two amazing 1970s quilts arrived. The first is a remarkable Cathedral Windows, and the other is a 100% double-knit polyester Butterfly quilt. Both quilts are wonderfully multicolored on white, and both include intriguing color combinations seen in the 70s.

Colorful, kitschy Butterfly quilt, all double-knit

The Butterfly quilt is 100% double-knit polyester tied with yarn. The yarn ties are amusing because they remind me of caterpillars. On the back is an inscription in red embroidery thread- "Holly From Grandma Orel" and the date 1979.

The Cathedral Windows quilt has a jaw-dropping 1368 windows featuring a multitude of fabrics, many selectively or "fussy" cut. There are butterflies. sea creatures, fish, novelty prints, mod designs, and even the Liberty Bell. The quilt has large prairie points around the edge, adding movement and flair to an already mind-boggling quilt. On the back is a label that says "Made Especially for You by Blanche Halsten" and the date 1970.

What other incredible treasures have I found on eBay this month? Stay tuned...


  1. They are both beautiful quilts - the cathedral windows is incredible! The social security death index has states that Blanche was born on 25 Mar 1916 and died on 25 Apr 1997. Her last address of record was 55331 (Excelsior, Hennepin, MN)

  2. Awesome! Thank you so much. I guess that means she was 54 when she made this quilt. Very cool!! Must've kept her busy during the snowy months in Minnesota.