Sunday, October 9, 2011

More 70s Quilts!

Bicentennial quilt made of knit fabrics, from Texas
More 70s quilts arrived on my doorstep during the last couple days, and I've been trying to get pictures, etc. I've got about 20 of them right now, and need about 40 for an exhibit, so I'd say things are coming along nicely. A storyline is beginning to surface, just as it did when I started putting together New York Beauties earlier this year.

Suburban 70s spin on the traditional Schoolhouse pattern
When considering all the things that happened during the 70s, the quilts of that decade make a lot more sense. It was a transitional time for quilters and for Americans - and you can see it in the quilts. Colors were bold, traditional patterns were streamlined and simplified, and the level of needlework was very basic.

A 70s "Trip Around the World" quilt
The 70s quilts are often dismissed by serious collectors and historians because of their humble nature and somewhat less-than-desirable choice of materials - such as double-knit polyester - but based on the responses I'm seeing on Facebook, it seems the world is ready to embrace these quilts. 


  1. definitely love these quilts!!! The colors stay so bright and happy. I hope you get the show together and put it on the road so lots of us can see them. Love the TAW!

  2. Thank you for finding the beauty in all quilts regardless of their age and material used. This will be an interesting exhibit. So glad you're an innnovative thinker! And like to share your collections!

  3. Hi Bill,
    Just a quick note to say Thank You for the NY Beauty Trunk Show at the Mary's River Quilt Guild in September. We have post a slideshow on the MRQG blog if you are interested:

    LuAnn Kessi
    MRQG Historial

  4. I've got a Grandma's Flower Garden done entirely in double knit polyester. I think the date on it is 1978, but can't check right now because it's up in the sewing room. It just baffles me that someone did all that work with that particular fabric.

  5. LuAnn- Thank you. I loved seeing the pictures. I'm a goofball, but it makes for fun lectures most of the time. I hope to return to speak to the guild some day.

    Michelle- I can't imagine. Couldn't have been too easy on the hands.

  6. These bright colors make me want to try making a quilt from polyester and double knits!

  7. I've heard they're not fun. Stretchy fabric, rough on the hands, hard to quilt. That must be why most are tied comforts.

    By the way, the houses quilt in this blog is cotton. It's just in very good condition.