Monday, November 5, 2018

Goodbye Instagram!

Instagram's ongoing security issues and lack of technical support finally prompted me to say goodbye to the social media outlet. Over the weekend, an unauthorized person from the other side of the planet gained access to my account, changed the name, and deleted the account. The biggest problem was instagram's response:

That's right, they didn't respond at all. But I did. When offered the option of starting a new account, I said, "Thanks, but no thanks!" I wish Instagram the best of luck in its future endeavors. Or not.


  1. Ever since Facebook took them over, it has not been good.

  2. Seems like blogs are the way to go. You own your own blog and content, it's not up to the whims of FB or Instagram. I did have my tiny little blog hacked, but since I actually pay a hosting company, we managed to get it back.

  3. Wow!! I knew there was a reason that I didn't like Instagram all that much. SEW sorry for your troubles!