Thursday, July 13, 2017

new Spoonflower fabrics

rainbows, not available to the general public
It's a lot of fun to play around with Spoonflower and create custom fabric designs. So far, I have designed and printed dozens of fabrics but have not used many of them and have not made many available to the public. Recently I had two designs printed. One was an old design, and is not available. One is a new design based on an old object, and is now for sale.

my original idea for the rainbow fabric was to use it as borders in a medallion style quilt,
but I ditched the idea and will use the fabric for another project

The rainbow print is a design I came up with almost three years ago, when toying with the idea of doing a digitally printed medallion style quilt. I ended up going in a different direction, printing the fabrics for my first "Fruity Beauty" prototype, and never printed the rainbow fabric until now.

Fruity Beauty (2014) - Quilted by Jolene Knight
There is a stack of fabric in my stash waiting to make a larger "Fruity Beauty" quilt. The prototype has been published, exhibited, and was featured in the 2016 men's juried exhibition at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum.

Battenberg - in person it's a little more neutral and slightly darker - a good gray!
The second fabric I recently printed is from a photo of my Great Aunt Alma's Battenberg lace project, which she never finished. I took a detail shot and did a mirror image repeat to create a continuous design. This fabric is now available, and I think quiltmakers will like it. We're always looking for interesting neutral gray fabrics, right? For details, click here.

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