Thursday, September 22, 2016

velvet & the little red house

There's something about velvet, the way it catches the light. I love velvet quilts and often wonder about the makers. The quilts have such character.

velvet crazy quilt top, c. 1900, Ohio, 78" x 88"
This velvet crazy quilt top came from an eBay seller in Holmesville, Ohio. There was no information about its origins, but it was so intriguing to see a single red house at the center of organized chaos. The little house stands out against the mostly dark velvet.

During the year I picked up a few other velvet quilts, all head turners, in my opinion. Here they are



  1. Stunning quilts! You called it right!

  2. Great quilts...the red house is really unusual! The last one with the circles is intriguing....nice set!

  3. So glad you're providing a good home for so many intriguing quilts. Love the little red house one.

  4. And check out the Sept. 24th Houston Chronicle for a story about your quilts that will be at the Texas Quilt Museum. First page with photos of section "D" Cheers - there will be a busload coming from Houston for the opening.