Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ARBA Bicentennial Quilt Kit

Recently I received a note from fellow blogger Julie Sefton (Quiltdivajulie) about a Star of '76 Bicentennial Quilt Kit she had for sale. Of course, I snapped it up. When it arrived, I took a closer look at the package and realized it was an Officially Recognized Commemorative of the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration (ARBA) and was manufactured by B & B Needlecrafts of Memphis, Tennessee.

The kit includes precut fabric, printed foundation, instructions a label, and certificate of authenticity printed with the name of the woman who ordered the kit, Mrs. Joseph Curtis Matthews. In mint condition, Mrs. Matthews may have found the idea of all the appliqué daunting.

ARBA also produced Bicentennial flags, among other commemoratives. A while back, I acquired a nice, large one. It was manufactured by the Baldwin Regalia Company of St. Louis, Missouri.

I have not yet found an example of the finished ARBA quilt, not even a picture of one that I can recall, but the design is similar to the Mountain Mist quilt and pillow featured previously on my blog.

If you search my blog, you will find several posts in the archive related to Bicentennial quilts and textiles. To read more about the Mountain Mist Bicentennial Quilt pattern, click here.


  1. I made several quilts with a Bicentennial theme, some using special "Bicentennial" print fabrics--Holly Hobbie had one with quilters on it. If the pictures ever turn up I'll share them. I did have an almost-Bicentennial baby (born in '75) and my neighbor had one the year after. Our ZIP code at the time was 91775.

  2. This post is giving me flashbacks to the Summer of '76 and Starland Vocal Band. Thanks, Bill. I'll stick with my batiks.

  3. So glad the kit is now with you and your collection!!

  4. The idea of a quilt kit appeals to me—for some reason, cutting out all the pieces is my least favorite part of quilting.

  5. this sounds like a fun project! agree with the idea of the kit sounding great - cut out the cutting ;)
    Ladies in Navy