Sunday, February 23, 2014

MANifestations pictures

my quilt, "Center Star" 2013
I was excited when my quilt was accepted in to the MANifestations biennial juried who for men who make quilts. My high school friend, Leslie Kuhlthau Maniotes, and other friends live in the area. So having a quilt in the show was like visiting them with a quilt. Leslie sent some pictures today- Hooray, Leslie!!

"Tilapia" Wendell Perkins, Poway, CA

"For the Love of Cheddar" Roderick Ferry, Council Bluffs, IA
"Sophisticated Stitches" Don Linn, Redding, CA
"Lifelines III" Ricky Tims, La Veta, CO
"Cosmo's Moon" Jim Smith & Andy Brunhammer, Tampa, FL
"Marmalade's First Snow" David Taylor, Steamboat Springs, CO 
Leslie's husband, Bill, and "Margin for Error" Dennis Waln, Golden, CO
"Tsuru No Mai" Geoff Hamada, Seattle, WA
my quilt (top) and "Blue Dragonflies" John Plutchak, Kingsport, TN 
"Northern Lights" Ricky Tims, La Veta, CO
"Tree of Life" Tim Latimer, Lansing, MI
Great show, and thank you Leslie for the pictures!! I was especially happy to see my picture on the gallery guide - it's everywhere, it's everywhere!!

Thank you, Leslie, for the pictures!! If you're in the Denver / Golden, Colorado area, go check it out! Yes, men do quilt. For more info, click here.

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  1. Great asymmetrical star....I particularly like that its sort of traditional with a special, personal look.
    Like the cheddar one too