Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Oh yeah, I remember you!"

This quirky detail shot is part of a quilt I just bought
Most of the time, I obsess over eBay purchases. I spot 'em when they're listed, and track 'em down to the final seconds. Every once in a while I'll spot something while I'm taking a break from doing other things, and I'll just buy it on the spot and forget about it. It's amusing to receive a package and not have any idea what's inside until I open it, and then it's like a big surprise. Kind of like seeing a long lost friend. "Oh yeah, I remember you!"

So, I'm sure I've been heard saying I would never buy a Sunbonnet Sue, unless it was "The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue". I didn't say anything about Overall Bill, who is also known as Overall Sam. This quilt was such a no-brainer for me, I literally didn't have to think about it at all. It was made in 1973, it has an embroidered inscription with date on the front, and my name is Bill. So, yes, I'm calling it Overall Bill - that's what the seller called it, too.

I was reminded of this expeditious purchase when the seller sent me a note about my shipping request, and I thought, "Oh yeah, I remember you!" 


  1. I think he's very cute! I would have bought the quilt too.

  2. Overall, heʻs quite a charmer. And nostalgic.
    We donʻt makeʻem like this anymore.