Saturday, March 24, 2012

On Display Next Weekend

Wholecloth quilt, pre-1800, New England
If you're in the Portland area this coming weekend and would like to see this great old quilt up-close and in-person, it will be on display in the Northwest Quilters Show at the Portland Expo Center. The show will be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 29-31, from 10-6 each day. Most of the quilts in the show will be those made by members of the guild, but each year some antique and vintage quilts are included, too. So, go enjoy the show! For more details, click here.


  1. Oh, I wish you were talking about Portland, Maine instead of Portland, Oregon! Dang! I'd so love to see your quilts in person! Maybe one day! :o)

  2. I remember when you bought this! I would love to see it in person, but Portland is a little far. Maybe someday, though.