Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Tuesday & Sunday"

"Tuesday & Sunday" 2011
This year's tax refunds magically appeared in my bank account during the week, and I decided to go back to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) web site and buy the remaining quilts by Nyima Lhamo, aka Andrea Balosky. One problem, though...there was only one quilt left. All the others, including the two I'd already bought, had been purchased. She had donated six quilts, and although I wanted all of them, I feel fortunate to have gotten three. Counting the quilt she sent directly to me, plus two others and the six she made for AAQI, Nyima made a total of nine quilts in 2011 - her first and only quilts since 2004. Four of those now belong to me.

I've blogged about Nyima several times over the last year, but continue to have more to add. The quilt I just bought is called "Tuesday & Sunday"and includes multicolor strips and two of her "Log Jammin'" blocks, which represent a loose, contemporary version of the traditional Log Cabin block. The quilt is very small, like the others, and measures 7 & 3/4" x 11" - roughly the size of a piece of letter paper. It is all solids with a lively combination of colors, and is all hand quilted with tiny, even stitches - truly a hallmark of her work. She can quilt circles around most quilters.

In the artist statement on the AAQI web site, Nyima said,

"We are all in this together. There is no one who is unscathed by the devastations of Alzheimers. Given the opportunity to help, the honor is mine. May this small quilt provide links to a cure, that brings compassionate relief to millions. Plus, it was fun to make!"

There is also a dedication, which goes with all six quilts she created for the AAQI:

"For cousin Paul Leong, the devoted, loving caregiver, and his wife, Jane Forester-Leong, of Honolulu, Hawaii. Paul kisses Jane a hundred times a day. When she got sick with Alzheimer's ten years ago, he promised the daily dose of 100 kisses, because it makes her happy. He does not forget. My aloha to Jane and Paul."

Once again, I am moved. 


  1. Beautiful quilt; beautiful story.

  2. As always, I admire your taste : )

  3. Gayle, I have my mother to thank for that. In particular, her taste in antiques is very classic - white ironstone, Staffordshire children's mugs, etc.

  4. Striking quilt, wonderful artist statement and a good cause...what could be better!

  5. beautiful quilt, moving statement from the quilter and helping a charity.
    thanks for sharing.

  6. Just found out there was an order received by AAQI just before mine, and it was for this quilt. So, I'm sad to say I won't have "Tuesday & Sunday" - but I'm still fortunate to have three of her recently made gems including the one made especially for me. The artist statement is the same for the other two quilts I was able to acquire.

  7. These quilts and their quilter are taking on epic proportions among those of us who quilt for and support the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.

    I think you must surely be deeply honored to have three of them...that's still 50% of all of her AAQI quilts sold at auction! And they are such a treasure with all that she went to in their creation.

    I only wish I'd known about Andrea when she had her quilt show here in Oregon. I'm from Salem and I would have gone over in a heartbeat even then!

  8. It was pretty interesting to see how quickly the quilts sold out. One was auctioned, five were listed for sale and were gone in a week.

    For anyone who missed the Small Wonders exhibit at the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center, there is a catalog available online at:

  9. I was lucky enough to get number five - Confetti Sandwich. Woohoo! I wish I'd bought another couple when they first went up, but I dithered over which one to choose. Andrea is a remarkable quilter. A couple of months ago I bought the Small Wonders catalog - even more wonderful to look at it now.

  10. Outstanding! I'm so glad to know where that quit went. Will let Nyima know. She'll be pleased, too!